Studio Legale Commerciale is a law and commercial firm established in 1994 which is based in Cesena (50 mins. away from Bologna) on the Adriatic Sea shoreline. This Law firm deals with the legal proceedings in Italy in front of the courts of the Region of Emilia Romagna.








Reggio Emilia




In Italy it is much more advantageous to appoint a lawyer whose professional area of activity is where the proceeding should be handled because in this way, the client should not have to appoint and pay a second lawyer on site.



Composition and contacts

Law office holders are:


Lawyer Dr. Marco Morellini (born in 1965)


Tax Advisor Dr. Gianluca Delvecchio (born in 1961)


Lawyer Dr. Lucrezia Pasolini (born in 1969)


Lawyer Dr. Carmela Moriconi (born in 1986)


The team also consists of following employees:

Dr. Lorenzo Romagnoli

Dr. Giovanni Monti


Please contact our office by mail at:  or by phone 0039 0547 24088.Our team will be very glad to understand your legal and business needs, answer to your questions and solve your issues.

Areas of law

The Law firm focuses on business, commercial and company Law mainly:


  • Debt collection
  • Complaints about defects in supplies
  • Commercial contracts
  • Advice for company start-up and sale
  • Consulting and brokerage services for the purchase or sale of commercial and residential real estate
  • Real estate auctions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Trade marks law
  • Inheritance law
  • Family law
  • Commercial and private lease contracts



Thanks to German and English knowledge our law firm provides support to foreign clients who need to solve legal matters in the mentioned areas in Italy.









Lawyer Dr. Marco Morellini (born in 1965)







Tax Advisor Dr. Gianluca Delvecchio (born in 1961)

Studio Legale Avv. Marco Morellini